Questions to Ask Before Buying Snakes for Sale Online

It’s the 21st century and the world is at our fingertips. Today, snake breeding is accessible for those in New York City, to a little town in Montana. The most important thing when looking at breeders online is more than morph, and price. We’ve listed questions to ask before buying online, what to look for and tips for buying snakes online.

How are the prices in comparison to the competition?

While this is great for you and your pocket, it is not always a sign of quality. In fact, you will find some breeders eager to move reptiles will price below the competition to get rid of them because they are ill or not wanted for some reason or another. Don’t let this stop you if you find a company like Backwater Reptiles that is one of the lowest in the industry. Low prices don’t always mean low quality. But, if something is priced way too good to be true, it probably is.

What is the dead on arrival (DOA) policy?

Granted, DOA issues happen about 2% of the time. Most breeders have a policy for how to handle this arrival.

What type of guarantee do they have?

It is now common practice that you will find breeders with a “live on arrival” guarantee. Maybe even 24 hour, 7 days or longer. Find out the guarantee before you buy. If a breeder doesn’t guarantee anything, stop, do not pass go. If there is a guarantee policy – read up, make sure you understand the ins and outs. A guarantee period is always a good thing.

What type of packaging is the animal sent in?

Making sure your reptile will arrive safely is important. Find out if your shipper will insulate the packaging for arrival. Will there be a cold or hot pack if it is deemed required based on weather? Is there an extra charge for this?

Where are the reptiles acquired from?

Does the breeder use outside supply companies? Does the breeder actually breed inhouse? It is important that your breeder knows where the reptiles come from, and doesn’t farm reptiles. Quality should be your first priority when it comes to a new purchase.

Does the store require signature on arrival?

I’m not saying this is a sign of a good or bad breeder. You should ask though and now exactly the delivery process. It is common that most require a signature these days.